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Watch this baby’s adorable reaction to her mum singing

By Ms. Wood
  • 1 day(s) ago

It’s indeed fascinating! The bond between babies and their mothers is one of the most special bonds in the world. Nothing can ever take away the relationship mothers have with their babies. It’s more than enough that you were in your mother’s womb for nine months, and she gave you safety, nutrition, and comfort all this time. The love we get from our parents comes in many shapes, whether it’s a hug, a meal, or a beautiful song! An example of this is the video where the adorable baby girl cries whenever her mum sings a specific Disney song to her. It will give you goosebumps. What makes this video more adorable it’s one particular song that the baby cries to. The mother has tried singing other songs, but her baby girl didn’t have any reaction to it. When she was asked about it, she explained  “No one can explain why, not even I. I can sing any other song and do not get the same reaction from her. It’s too adorable to keep all to ourselves.” The mum also explains that she loves Disney songs herself and that her mum used to sing them to her all the time. However, she didn’t expect this reaction from her baby girl at all. Whether you’re having a good or a bad day, this beautiful video is all you need to cheer you up and make your day even better. It’s a beautiful reminder of how beautiful and essential love is! It also shows how mums will do anything they possibly can to show children their love. Make sure you share it with your friends and family as well if you enjoyed it!

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Watch VIDEO: baby’s adorable reaction to her mum singing

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