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The world’s most magnificent sound garden has been constructed in Japan

By Ms. Wood
  • 5 hour(s) ago

Have you ever been on an excursion and you just stopped to appreciate the sounds of nature? The sound of the wind, the rain dripping between the leaves and the chirping of the birds combine to create an amazing wild orchestra. In 2012, Morihiro Harano and his team worked with carpenter Mitsuo Tsuda and sound engineer Kenjiro Matsuo, to create a giant xylophone throughout the forest. They made the xylophone in a long straight line and then placed a small rubber ball on top. They let it fall freely, slowly launching the natural landscape. While the xylophone erases the notes, you may notice the pattern being played. Bach's famous Cantana 147, with instrumental time and subtleties included. The wooden symphony crosses the natural silence of the forest. There was not much room for errors in this project. An incorrectly placed note may distort the whole performance. Surprisingly, the same day the video was shot, a monstrous earthquake hit Japan. Later, the melody of the xylophone provoked a reassuring experience for the whole nation. Nowadays, the forest xylophone has found another home at the Daisetsu Mori-no Garden, the famous Hokkaido Garden Show in Japan. If you visit the forest, you can buy your rubber ball from a vending machine and send it from the xylophone. Due to the fact that the boards can rot, they must close on rainy days.

Source: Higher Perspective -

Enjoy watching Morihiro Harano’s rubber ball perform Bach’s Cantana 147 below!

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