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Baby elephant 'rescues' the man that saved her

By Ms. Wood
  • 15 hour(s) ago

There is no purer form of love than the unconditional love While it’s a concept that most of us in today’s world would find difficult to grasp, it comes pretty naturally to almost every other species barring us. Man and animal have been the best of friends since time immemorial. They have been inseparable throughout the thousands of years of civilization. Animals have been with us, sometimes as just friends, sometimes as shields in the battlefield and sometimes as an equal contributor in the building blocks of civilization. What has remained constant is the unconditional love that we have received from them. The same is evident in the relationship that Kham La shares with Darrick. Darrick is a co-founder of the “Save the elephants” foundation, which is situated in Chiang Ma, Thailand and is a shelter to over seventy rescued elephants including Kham Lha. What this video shows us is the blessing Darrick has in terms of the extremely special friend he has in Kham Lha. Men have been trying to save and give shelter to a lot of animals through ages. But it can be a really divine feeling if for once you are saved back by an animal. One day while Kham lha was grazing on the river banks, Darrick was taking a swim. When he called out lovingly for Kham Lha. She by mistake took it to be distress call from Darrick and thought that he needed to be saved. We can see how the baby elephant ignoring all her personal risk rushes in to save Darrick and they end up hugging each other on the other side of the river. In the other video, we see how the baby elephant loves to be called by Darrick, runs towards him and gives the love right back. Without any conditions whatsoever. Since her rescue in 2015, Darrick has assisted Kham Lha in her every step taking care of her. And in time of need she will go out of her way to give it back. We come across stories like these every now and then and are pleasantly reminded that true love exists, and you don’t need to be a human being to truly love someone. We can only wish that there would many more such stories of bonding between man and animal teaching us to be caring and passionate in our own way.

Watch VIDEO: Elephant see a guy drowing, rushes to save him

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