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Beluga whales are indeed incredible vocalists

By Ms. Wood
  • 3 day(s) ago

Beluga whales are known to be incredible vocalists, communicating with each other by whistling, singing, and chirping. They are called ‘’canaries of the sea’’ for a reason. However, man-made noise is not threatening to end this. It is important to understand that the way Beluga whales communicate is essential to their survival. They are always navigating in cold and dark waters, so they’re completely dependent on sound. Their communication system is fascinating and complex, and this is why many scientists are trying to unravel how all of this actually works. Many scientists have spent considerable time listening to the belugas to try to understand what they’re saying. The threat by humans is great, especially with their ships and the air guns used to look for oil and gas. The critical question here is, will the whales be able to continue speaking with each other when their noises are drowned because of humans? When human activities lead to high pitched noises, this interferes with the whole echolocation process and interrupts their ability to find each other and feed. Concerning low-frequency noises, this will impact their ability to successfully communicate with each other as a group or when they’re far away from each other. What makes thing even more difficult is that they are restricted to certain areas. Baby belugas are also at more risk because their calls are lower in frequency and narrow-band. This means that they easily be masked by any noise. This can result in mothers and their babies becoming separated in environments that are very noisy. With this information in hand, we can only hope that human operations in these areas can stop, or at least minimize. The last thing anyone wants is for another beautiful species to become extinct.

Beluga whales are indeed incredible vocalists


Watch VIDEO: Beluga whales the incredible water vocalists

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