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Duo Get The First-Ever Perfect Score On “World Of Dance” And Leave Everyone Speechless

By Ms. Wood
  • 41 minute(s) ago

It is a great result to leave a single judge open-mouthed after giving the interpretation of a lifetime, but when Charity Anderson and Andres Antonio ended their routine on NBC's "World of Dance" last week, Jennifer Lopez was the only one left to ruminate for words. "When you choreograph your routine, you know what you're capable of doing, know your limits, know your strengths," Derek Hough enthused. "And you guys choreographed a routine that was not limited to playing with your strengths," he added, "he surpassed them.

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This, of course, allowed them to advance to the Duals, where they performed in "Way Down We Go" by Kaleo - and they took home the first perfect score in the show's history! The frenetic dance is filled with such a dizzying series of somersaults, turns, lifts and practically every other move you could incorporate into a routine. It was simply a joy to behold. Charity and Andrés, both 17 years old, come from Springville, Utah, and started dancing together when they were only 8 years old. Andres has eventually moved to focus on contemporary dance, and only recently have they joined forces again to work out the routine for the Qualifiers segment! With their historic perfect score in this latest routine, this dynamic duo is moving towards the Cut rounds. And if this routine is an indication of what's to come, they'll have a very good chance of winning the $ 1 million first prize! Take a look at their incredible routine below and remember to share their incredible talent!

World of Dance 2018 - Charity & Andres: The Duels FULL PERFORMANCE

Article from inspiremore -

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