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Funny & Candid Illustrations Are Depicting Our Modern World Irony

By Ms. Wood
  • 14 hour(s) ago

Irony, in its broadest sense, is an incident or activity that appears to be something on the face but is something else altogether. It is a situation that all of us would want to avoid at any cost. Unfortunately, in today’s world, we are surrounded by self-inflicted ironies all around. Are we even aware of what we are trying to achieve, and at what cost?

Virtues like morality, ethics are dead in our quest for greatness. We have sacrificed family and friends in our search for power. We are so attached to the cell phone considering it to be an advancement in life that we forget about the radiation from that same cellphone that is reducing our life one little bit at a time.

We go to fundraisers to raise fund thinking of the help it would bring to children in Africa. We cannot stop ourselves from wearing those solitaires to the fundraiser that has reached our fingers claiming the lives of thousands of African kids.

In our goal of the industrial revolution, we are destroying our entire ecosystem. What purpose would this industrial revolution serve when there’s not enough oxygen to breathe. Why, because we have traded all the trees for the factories.

We have let technology become the master of us, so much so that it would not be strange if we are still chatting with each other over our smartphones sitting on opposite sides of the same table in a restaurant. That is how ridiculously funny the modern world has become.

It is easy to close your eyes and believe that the world around is beautiful. It is difficult to accept these ironies and take steps to change them.

Let us have a look at few illustrations that describe this them. This Funny & Candid Illustrations Are Depicting Our Modern World Irony will make your day.





















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