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Toni Hamel Paints The Absurdities Of Human Behavior

By Ms. Wood
  • 22 hour(s) ago

The human species is the most amazing creation of evolution. We are utterly clueless about how our mind works. It's even baffling most of the time for most renowned psychologists as well. No one has so far been able to explore the deepest abysses of the human psyche and people are still trying.

We are curious by nature and ever unsatiated in our quest for knowledge. And then the experience is perceived differently by all of us as each one of us is different and unique at the same time. 

Why does a perfectly sane human being want to believe and feel happy thinking that there is a painter who picks up a brush to paint the fantastic sunset every day? This might be the same person who at the office doesn't believe in anything else apart from hard facts. This is how strange our minds are.

Is it always logical to believe things that we feel is right? Can there be another side of the same reasonable explanation? Something that our human minds will be unable to comprehend? Maybe, or maybe not. This painting challenges our thinking abilities and forces us to see a world that is beyond our grasp. Dive in deep into a world of unrealistic absurdities and try to figure out a way to explain the paintings. You will need to understand the current socio-cultural phenomena that are going on in the world. 

Toronto based artist Toni Hamel uses her paintings as satire to illustrate these un-naturalities of the human psyche. These works by her put the finger on the strange ways our mind works. Her paintings with their beautiful and unique touch open us to a whole new world. The strong brush strokes, the use of subtle reality, and a lot of harsh truth we would love to deny can be seen in these paintings.

Most of her works try to explore the relation between the socio-political situation of our present times with the emotional side of any human being. They are all a masterpiece in themselves.












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