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A Song That Will Help You Get Through Losing A Loved One And Bring Peace To Your Soul

By Ms. Wood
  • 4 hour(s) ago

Losing a loved one is always an incredibly difficult experience, but even if you've lost a friend or family member, the lack of them can hurt a lot. There has always been a comforting thought that helps everyone cope with pain and suffering: the fact that heaven exists.

In fact, Guy Penrod and Sarah Darling sing that we can feel free to let go of our loved ones because they are in a better place now. The song is called "Knowing what I know about the sky".
The texts tell the story of how it could truly be paradise. Billy Joel once said that "music itself is healing".

It's hard not to have our loved ones nearby. You might want them to come back to earth with you and this song reassures you that you'll see them again someday. Really beautiful song performed by two really talented people.

Guy Penrod and Sarah Darling, "Knowing what I know about paradise" is one of those songs that use beautiful lyrics, sincerely brings warm feelings to your heart, it is certainly a comfort to know that the people we loved and lost will one day be brought together with us, to never get lost again.

Try listening to this song. Guy Penrod and Sarah Darling sing about the journey to paradise.


Music is a great way to feel at peace, certain songs give you comfort and sometimes you just have to put headphones on and turn up the music.





WATCH VIDEO: Guy Penrod & Sarah Darling "Knowing What I Know About Heaven"

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