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Nature Can Be Unforgiving If We Don’t Start Caring

By Ms. Wood
  • 3 hour(s) ago

Nature exists billions of years before we came along and will be there billions of years after we cease to exist. Our very existence is dependent on the well-being of nature as is the presence of millions of other species of flora & fauna.

What that makes us is a tiny little speck in this unfathomably large ecosystem. An ecosystem that certainly doesn’t need us to carry on its functioning. However, nature has been reduced to nothing more than an infinitely large reservoir of resources for our use. Our objective of unlimited expansion and growth has made us unmindful of the depleting resources and in turn the grave that we are digging for ourselves.

For the last thousand years, we have been on a spree burning holes in the ozone layer, creating luxury at the cost of millions of trees, polluting the air and water equally at the sorry excuse of the industrial revolution. In doing so, we have not only decided our end but also endangered the continuity of many other species. Do we have the right to do so? This is the question that nature asks us through flash floods & tsunamis, through forest fire & earthquakes and through the rising temperature that causes hundreds of deaths every year.

This time-lapse video by Peter Maier will show you nature pouring down an unforgiving microburst that looks like a tsunami from above. It’s a warning that it’s time to stop and reflect on our doings. It's time that we stop caring just for us and start caring for every other species in the ecosystem and mother nature herself.

She might give us enough time for survival.

Downbursts are created by an area of significantly rain-cooled air that, after reaching ground level, spreads out in all directions producing strong winds


Watch VIDEO: Amazing Tsunami from Heaven, Incredible Rainstorm Timelapse

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