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Woman Reveals a Heartwarming Reason Why Her Father Has Been Wearing The Same Shirt For 20 Years

By Ms. Wood
  • 6 day(s) ago

How much ever you try, you can never let go of true love. It will transcend the boundaries of time and space to be with you forever. If not, you will find ways and means to hold on to it for as long as you can.

Ria, a 24-year-old was clueless as to why her father kept wearing the same shirt again and again, till she was tiding up her grandpa’s room after he had passed away. She found a photograph of her parents when they were a young couple and in love. She could see her father wearing the same shirt that she was so curious about. It made perfect sense to her.


Her mother had sadly passed away some 18 years back. It seemed her father was not ready to let her memory fade away so quickly. He found a part of her still living in that shirt, in which he had spent countless moments with his wife. Ria made this revelation on twitter and posted photographs of her father in his sixties wearing that same weathered polo shirt which in another picture he was wearing along with his wife in a matching tee.


Till now she had wondered why her father was so possessive about the tee while he could have easily bought another one. Little did she know what value it had for her father.


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