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Lions eat three rhino poachers alive in South Africa HD

By Ms. Wood
  • 15 hour(s) ago

3 alleged rhino poachers were slaughtered and eaten by lions in a South African game reserve, officials said. A ranger who brought guests to the Sibuya Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape during a guided safari on Tuesday afternoon discovered human remains near a herd of lions, said the lodge owner.

 The Sibuya Game Reserve staff found what appeared to be a human residue along with tools typically used by poachers to kill the rhinos and remove their horns, according to a press release by Nick Fox, owner of the park. Sibuya is one of the most exclusive safari destinations in South Africa. From its reception near the ocean, it is unique in that it has more navigable river than any other game reserve in South Africa.

 As a result, as a destination for birds it is hard to beat: there are almost 400 different species.

The owner Nick Fox, 60, said: "We have found enough parts of the body and three pairs of empty shoes that suggest that the lions eat at least three but it is a thick bush and there could be more. "They came heavily armed with shotguns and axes that we recovered and enough food to last them for several days, so we suspect they were after all our rhinos. "But the lions are our guardians and guardians and they chose the wrong pride and they became a meal".



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Lions eat three rhino poachers alive in Sibuya game reserve VIDEO

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