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These parents take "Crazy Hair Day" to a whole new level

By Ms. Wood
  • 2 hour(s) ago

Crazy Hair Day is an annual fundraising event organized in schools throughout Australia, Canada, and the United States. For a donation of gold coins, encourage your students and teachers to bring their hair to school.

 Like Halloween, one day a year our children wear their creativity at school. But this time, it's on their heads. And we know what happens when parents look for something nice for their children.

A Texan mom took "a crazy day" in her daughter's school for "a whole new world" this week. The Disney inspired hairstyle won the girl's main prize and attracted the attention of thousands of people on the Internet.

We have collected for you other nice creations that deserve our respect. Finally, a party where parents can let off their imagination and take a little revenge. Ready for the next challenge? If you think you have a bad day, these crazy hairstyles will make you think again.

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